Current Initiatives

Ekjut - Handikraft Project

Our initiative Ekjut, is a vocational training unit and income generation project that strives to contribute towards the economic sustenance of street adolescents and young adults by manufacturing and delivering artisanal handbags, laptop sleeves, file folders and other bespoke accessory holders for conferences / exhibitions, corporates, other NGOs, government agencies, individuals and online portals. All sku's are manufactured from natural, environmentally sustainable and eco -friendly products like canvas, jute and recycled cloth. Our vision through this initiative is to achieve the dream of being self-sustainable and reducing dependency on the donations for the care-taking of the 75 children which Jamghat caters to currently through three shelter homes. Ekjut is giving training for tailoring, embroidery and block printing to 6 street girls. During training we are giving INR 2,000 per month as stipend. In the future we aspire to give them INR 8,000 - 10,000 per month.

Uzma Khan is the coordinator of this project - she was raised and educated at Jamghat'sAanchal Home for girls. We are paying her INR 13,000 per month. Mr. Amit Kumar Sinha (Founder/Director) and Ms. Shareena (COO) are involved in the operations, marketing and promotions of Ekjut. Currently the focus is to train 6 street adolescents/young adults for 6 months, post which we will employ them as interns for 6 months. Each year we intend to add 6 street adolescents/young adults, wherein the already trained group of 6 would carry forward the hand holding process with the support of other skilled personnel. By 2020, we aspire to have at least 18 skilled and self sustainable street women aka budding entrepreneurs.

We are organically and progressively working towards promoting Ekjut as a brand and registering it as a company. Ekjut's success will lead to the self sustainability of these homeless adolescents/young adults, and also Jamghat. We, as an organisation realised the need for a stable source of funding, and therefore have decided to focus on our Ekjut project in a more comprehensive and specific manner. In essence,Ekjut is a vocational training unit, which while benefitting street adolescents and young adults, by providing them training and stipends, will also help in income generation, to the extent that the finances required to run Jamghat are at least partially provided.