Programme - Sadak

Outreach Programme

Aims to connect with street children and their families

Sadak is our outreach programme that aims to connect with street children and their families. This programme will be the first step in the journey of these children to change the course of their lives. It is important to conduct outreach programmes such as Sadak at the locations where these children are based as they are used to their lives on the street and initially, neither the children nor their parents are motivated or interested in coming to a full day centre. Sadak is an interactive programme that is carried out six days in a week and conducts remedial classes, theatre, visual arts, counselling and parent interaction as the core activities conducted at their location.

Intervention will be conducted with 180 children in the age group of 6-18 years at 05 location around dividing them in 02 groups with specific objectives for each group.

SADAK focuses on delivering education in a true sense and not just imparting school syllabus. Linkage with Education will be through various creative mediums such as story telling, songs, art & craft, sports/martial arts, theatre and others – Children coming for our sessions will be motivated to pursue their education. Those who have dropped out. Out of these, those who need to be given supplementary education will be part of the remedial education/ bridge course provided by Jamghat in this area. Others, who are already enrolled in any form of schools will be encouraged to ensure that they do not drop out.of the formal education system will be motivated to rejoin the formal schools. Program will look at education outside of academics as well and those in need of vocational or extra- curricular education will be linked to such institutions in Delhi.