Programme - Children Homes

Children Homes - Anchal and Aman

Facilitating street children to rejoin society through education

It is estimated that there are over 400,000 street and working children in Delhi alone. Most of them are runaway children. These children live on their own on the streets without any adult support and often work for 12-14 hours a day as rag pickers, shoe shine boys, dhaba (road side restaurants) assistants etc. earning less than a hundred rupees a day to meet their daily expenses. The children especially girls are subject to all forms of abuse, trafficking and are deprived of any kind of opportunities which are beneficial for their growth and development. Many street children have never been to school and others are school dropouts.

With the belief in the right of every child to have a fulfilling and wholesome childhood, where children have the right to protection, respect, opportunities and participation in their growth and development, Jamghat has been running two shelter homes and one day care centre for 77 girls and boys in Old Delhi.

They follow a model of care and development, which includes provision of basic security and services like food, shelter and health care. A special priority is given to their education, capacity building, recreation and adult support & guidance.

Aman is a residential home for 16 boys, Aanchal is a residential home for 13 girls and Aangan is a day care centre for more than 50-60 children living in the streets. There are 77 children and youths, who attend school and college because of Jamghat, some of them are provided with tuition classes while the others are supported through remedial and residential classes offered by Jamghat’s staff and volunteers.

Aman Children Home

Anchal Children Home