Programme - Aangan Day care


Encouraging developmental growth in a loving and secure environment.

The Daycare centre – Aangan, was started in 2008 and since then has been working directly with the most vulnerable street children. Children are obviously very unsafe in the streets and are prone to various forms of exploitation, harassment and addictions. Aangan gives the parents of these children an option to send them to a safe space without worrying.

Aangan Daycare is open from 6 AM to 6 PM, Monday through Saturday. Recognising the different needs of school and non-school going homeless children, different set of activities are planned for both the groups. Similarly, different activities for children below 11 years and above 11 years are planned.

Academic sessions are conducted for non-school going children designed with 21st century skills in mind and remedial education sessions are provided for school going children.

Counselling is also provided to children to help them work through their trauma, keep them motivated to change their position in society and develop individual development goals.

Computer classes, sports and arts activities are also conducted to improve children’s interest in education and also to explore their non-academic potential.

Children are also involved in Theatre activities to develop a theatre group and also to use theatre as a tool that enables self expression.

Nutrition of children is taken care of at the day care centre and children are also provided basic health care through regular health check ups.

Monthly meetings are conducted with children and their parents to open up and strengthen communication channels among staff, children and parents.

Various events are also organised from time to time to ensure multifaceted development of the children. Some of them are:

  • Educational visits/Picnics
  • Carnival/display of their work
  • Quarterly drawing and sports competitions
  • Annual cultural fest

Devoted sessions using mediums like videos/theatre are also conducted for strengthening the value system among children.