Sucess Stories

Rajiv's Story at Jamghat

Jama Masjid to Admin Assistant at iPartner India

Rajiv arrived at Delhi from Ekchari, Bihar in 2002 with his mother and 2 sisters. His father opened his own paan shop in Jama Masjid area. Rajiv was helping his father at the shop and made friendship with other homeless boys in the area. He developed bad habits and got addicted to substance. His father had seen Jamghat staff and volunteers in the area conducting activities with children so he approached Jamghat. In 2009, he started going to Aangan Day Care Centre. At Aangan, he was involved in several activities and also got counselled to quit substance. He got basic education along with other street children. Soon he became very keen towards studies.

In 2011 he was moved to Aman - Jamghat’s shelter home for boys. He stayed there for 5 years and completed his High School and Intermediate from NIOS. He also was enrolled for vocational training an advance computer course from Deepalaya. Since 2015, he started working as Admin Assistant with iPartner India - one of the long- term funding partners of Jamghat. Rajiv started with a salary of INR 17,000 per month and it’s been 07 years now and Rajiv is one of the important employees of iPartner India. He lives independently in a rented house and is learning new skills every day. He is successful, confident and positive towards life.